Adidas Eyewear 16-17




Adidas Progressor


Go big, or go home: The new progressor raises the bar

The progressor offers an advanced shatterproof and ultra lightweight podcarrier, including a 3-layer facefoam with climacool® function to deliver perfect fit and comfort. The double-lens as well as the climacool® ventilation system helps to reduce fogging up of the lens. If you feel like expressing your individuality, the Quick-Change Strap System allows for swapping out the head strap in no time.

Whatever your riding style is, the unshakable stability makes the progressor the ideal choice for dropping down a cliff, rotating high up in the air or floating down the hill in waist-deep powder.

 149 | Adidas Progresor

Adidas Backland


Broaden your horizon: The new backland

With a 2-layer foam for advanced sweat dissipation and a siliconized head strap for flawless fit and stability while wearing a beanie or helmet, the lightweight and shatterproof backland is the ideal choice for a broad range of winter athletes charging down the mountains.

Optimum vision is guaranteed by the large cylindrical 6-base polycarbonate brightening LST™ or highend mirror lenses, which are available in select colors for excellent light absorption and contrasting effect. They also offer complete protection from harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays. The goggles are prescription-ready via clip-in lenses to accommodate all vision abilities.

Matching sunglasses are available for most colorways – check out the adidas Sport sunglasses models wildcharge, whipstart and 3matic and pick your best match.

 99 | Adidas Backland

Adidas Zonyk pro


The new zonyk pro: one for all – all with one

In order to create the most advanced and functional eyewear possible, the zonyk pro has been specially developed in close cooperation with and for athletes. The zonyk pro has been engineered and designed to amplify performance – as well as appearance – and takes full advantage of the adidas Sport eyewear lens range. People are given the choice of polarized, mirror, LSTTM and VARiO options to ensure that perfect vision can be achieved whatever the weather or lighting conditions.

VARiO technology allows for the lenses to automatically change from light to dark tint within seconds. Light Stabilizing Technology™ intensifies contrasts and harmonizes light fluctuations, leading to reduced eye fatigue and improved concentration. By combining VARiO and LSTTM, athletes get the best of both worlds in one lens.

 159 | Adidas Zonyk pro