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adidas id2 pro

ID2 Pro

145 | Adidas id2 Pro


Since its launch in 2008, the id2, on which the pro model is based, has already won the red dot design award and the ispo Boardsports Award in recognition of its innovative technology and unique design. The pro version also features a very easy to use filter change system. Just two rapid clicks is all it takes to position the outer filter over the basic filter, allowing the wearer to adapt the helmet-compatible goggle even more quickly and easily to the prevailing visibility.

Featuring a new abstract frame print, the ID2 is building on its success with the launch of the colours red adidas and black adidas. The id2 pro, distinguished by its very wide field of vision and innovative filter change system with 5 base filters, is now available in the colour black wire with a technical grid print. An individually adjustable headband with a silicon coating on the inside ensures perfect grip and comfort. Both goggles also incorporate a dynamic wind tunnel-tested ventilation technology. The unique two-frame levelling system with a removable and flexible front part automatically adjusts to all helmet sizes. All-round soft foam padding prevents the penetration of snow crystals or water in even the deepest powder. First-class vision is ensured thanks to a wide selection of lightweight polycarbonate filters. Additionally, the LST™ light-stabilising filter technology filters out dangerous light waves, compensates for extreme light variations and ensures sharp contours.

For all sports enthusiasts who rely on corrective lenses, both goggles can be fitted with an optical insert.

adidas terrex pro

Terrex Pro

246,60 | Adidas Terrex Pro


One of the principal technical innovations in the TERREXpro is the removable twin filter. If needed, the twin filter is clipped to the inside of the outdoor eyewear after removing the bridge. The twin filter has its own bridge (Double-Snap Nose Bridge™). The ClimaCool™ pad fully encloses the frame of the twin filter. This soft foam guarantees that the eyewear sits perfectly on the face, protecting the eyes from wind or snow.­ The ClimaCool™ ventilation technology of the twin filter and the antifog coating of the front filter combine to ensure that the eyewear neither mists up nor freezes.

The Vision Advantage PC™ filters meet the standards of optical quality class 1 and provide 100 % protection from UVA, UVB und UVC. The LST™ active filter has a brightening effect while increasing light absorption and contrast. It is also available with very dark Space Lenses, which absorb up to 95 per cent of the sun’s rays. The third filter option is the LST™ vario. This filter automatically adjusts to different light conditions, changing from filter category 2 to 3 and back again. This means the eyes tire less quickly while improving colour perception. For alpine expeditions in gloomy and cloudy weather there is also a second pair of filters in orange (LST™ bright) with a brightening effect.

The TERREXpro is made of SPX™, an ultra-light, temperature-resistant material that also gives the eyewear its added durability. Using the TRI.FIT™ system, the temples can be adjusted to three positions, so they perfectly fit individual head shapes. And the Quick Release Hinge™ system ensures that the temples come away rather than breaking when subjected to excessive force. The bridge can be set at two levels and adapted to the shape of the nose (Double-Snap Nose Bridge™). This mountaineering eyewear also sits securely and comfortably thanks to the Traction Grip™ material at the end of the temples.

Adidas eyewear’s RXready™ system provides three great ways to correct impaired vision.

Version 1: The TERREXpro itself can be fitted with direct glazing.
Version 2: The removable twin filter can be fitted with suitable direct glazing. The optician inserts the RX adapter into the twin filter.
Version 3: The customer can have a Performance InsertTM made – the optical insert from adidas eyewear. The insert is secured to the base frame. In this case, the twin filter cannot also be clipped on.
These three options for optical correction mean that perfect vision in the mountains is guaranteed even for people with poor eyesight.

adidas terrex fast

Terrex Fast

193,60 | Adidas Terrex Fast


Light and fast. These are key requirements for today’s outdoor equipment. High quality is expected, lightness provides the finishing touch. With the TERREXTM FAST, adidas eyewear is now launching mountain sports eyewear that more than meets these requirements.

Made from extremely light and shatter-proof SPX material, you will hardly notice you’re wearing the TERREXTM FAST. The nose pads and temples can be adjusted individually to ensure a first-class fit. The narrow front section makes them suitable even for smaller faces.

The TERREXTM FAST is equipped with a foam frame that clicks into place behind the front part and sits close to the face. It effectively protects the eyes from UV rays, damp or cold air, as well as snow and ice crystals. The proven LST™ filter technology also guarantees maximum protection from even extreme UV rays. Contrasts are intensified, light variations are compensated, allowing you to plan your next move on the rocks precisely and quickly. The filters can be easily replaced by orange-coloured filters if fog or clouds descend without warning. Restoring the mountaineer’s perfect view. The strong curvature of the filters also allows an extremely wide field of vision. If the mountaineer works up a sweat during an ascent, the anti-fog coating and the ClimaCool™ ventilation system ensure condensation-free vision. For anyone intent on making speedy progress or tackling difficult climbing sections, the temples can be replaced with the headband supplied.

The TERREXTM Swift basic model is supplied without a foam frame, replacement filters and headband, making it a lighter all-rounder in stores.

For those requiring visual correction, both outdoor eyewear models can be fitted with the adidas eyewear optical insert – the Performance Insert™. The terrex fast can also be fitted with direct glazing by an optician.