Camping on a whole glacier by Life In White

Camping on a whole glacier by Life In White

Camping on a whole glacier just for yourself, Hintertux May 6th.


On May 6th and 7th, we decided to go camping at the Hintertux glacier (Austria). Here in Austria, where we live, the mesures for the Covid-19 situation are easing up, they have already given us the green light to practice sports in the high mountains so you can imagine how long it took us us to take all our snowboard and camping gear and run to the mountains.

As you may know, the Hintertux glacier in the Zillertal valley is open year round, so it was very strange to see the entire ski resort closed and enjoy the magnificent calm. The truth is that it deserved a break. Without a doubt, we will remember these days camping up there for the rest of our lives.

We Splitted up to the top of the ski resort, at 3250 and camped. Full moon night and the next day a magnificent sunny day with powder. Breathtaking views, beautiful sunset and sunrise and reaaaally cold, by the way! What a gift feeling the winter again and enjoying some really good runs. But the most incredible thing, was being alone in a place where always, always, always is full of people. Spotting calmly your lines without the stress of someone going to do ?em, a dream come true!

Now the wait for the winter in the southern hemisphere will become more bearable 😉

Here we leave you a compilation of images, we hope you enjoy them as much as we did and work to keep you hopeful.

Everything arrives friends, we are almost there!!!! Back in the mountains that we love that much!!!

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