Splitboard Art – Vanessa Stark

Splitboard art - Vanessa Stark

-Vanessa Stark-

Canadian artist Vanessa ‘Nes’ Stark lives beneath a 2,600 meters majestic peak, Mt. Currie. Mt. Currie is the northernmost summit of the Garibaldi range in southwestern British Columbia (Pemberton).

Snowboarding has shaped Stark’s life. Shortly after she started snowboarding in 1991, she moved to the mountains and never looked back. Spending time in the mountains and connecting to nature has been a great influence on her work.

Vanessa is an active member of her local arts community. Her work is well known in the Whistler/Pemberton area. Over the past few years Nes’ recognition has expanded as her art has been appearing commercially in the snow sports industry. Her artwork has been used as ski and snowboard graphics, posters, magazine covers and most recently is featured as 2016 Prior Snowboards graphics and on a 2016 Volcom Snow jackets and gloves.
Her work reveals a strong, unique style and organically reflects a blend of her life’s passions. Vanessa strives to ride life with balance as her journey continues.

Art imitates life. Life imitates art.
The purest art speaks from the heart.
Art is a reflection of our lives filtered through the soul.
My life is heavily influenced by living next to nature.
Life lived in the Mountains with a love of family, friends, animals and mountain sports.
I’ve recently been intrigued by the circadian rhythms of life and the connection between all things. I’ve been exploring this in a recent series.
My work is created with an organic nature, constantly evolving, as all things do as we travel through experiences and become wiser beings.
There is no wrong art. Art is beautiful.
Life is art.