Splitboard Art -Jacob Tarazoff-

Jacob Tarazoff

-Jacob Tarazoff-

Over the last twenty years I have had some incredible experiences riding my snowboard among the Massifs of the Western US and Canada. It has become important for me to find ways to memorialize these experiences, and oil painting has provided me with a means to record that reaches beyond the scope of photography and video. I want to help people to make their ski memories something more substantial than just a helmet cam video or a ton of pictures after a ski day. Let me help you make your ski experience last a lifetime, with an archival and fully reproducible original oil portrait by Jacob Tarazoff.

Options for ski portraits would be generally be one of three; Send me photo references and short synopsis of the ski day, meet me in ski spot of your choice for a custom ski day/portrait and meet me at the Splitboard Festival of your choice for a custom ski day/portrait.

I was born in Santa Fe New Mexico in 1982, and grew up exploring the high dessert of Northern New Mexico. Snowboarding, rock climbing and hiking led to a deeper appreciation for the land and eventually paint and brushes became a means of exploration.

I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico, 2006, and have had the opportunity to study with many wonderful painters in and around the Western US. I have had public showings of my work and have won numerous awards at plein air events throughout the US, and my work is represented in private collections around the world. I am available for commissions, as well as an adventure-painting guide in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and throughout Northern New Mexico.