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Rory Doyle Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C, Rory currently works full time as an artist at a video game developer by day and full time freelance graphic designer by night. Working both jobs helps maintain versatility as a artist/designer that allows him to take on new challenges. Rory has worked with such brands as Endeavor Snowboards, Airhole face masks, Megadestroyer, Westbeach and many more.

Endeavor Roots series: I’m a big fan of Mucha (www.mucha.cz). His work is timeless and amazing. A lot of his work was series based, which gave me the initial idea. I thought it would be cool to try a board series in a similar fashion and the story behind the Roots series aligned nicely with the Nouveau style (earth tones, natural shapes, beauty etc.). I hadn’t seen any boards done like that so I couldn’t miss the opportunity. Endeavor was into it from the get go as well. I showed them some of his pieces and what they could look like on a board, how the nouveau style compositions would play nicely into the shape of a snowboard so they said go for it. The process went pretty smooth. I had my wife and her sister dress up in bed sheets so I could photograph them for reference and then went from there. They were recieved really well and i was happy how they turned out so it was a win overall.

Rory Doyle Portrait: Neil Singh cargocollective.com/rorydoyle