Skiman Tips: Cold waxing a splitboard

WAXING (is essential to maintain the board’s manoeuvrability)


Waxing the base of the board results in less friction with the snow crystals that form the snow, and implies less base wearing-

A smaller amount of the minuscule hair hindering its manoeuvrability. Waxing adds to the maintenance of some of the base’s mechanical features, such as flexibility and resistance to damage, and at the same time, it enhances water repellence. Whatever wax you might use, these improvements will be obvious in different measures, but you will feel the difference for sure. Hereby, we shall be explaining exclusively the use of cold wax, no matter the wax’s brand nor its performance. In the market, Wax is available in cream or liquid texture; the difference being the amount of solvent they include, less in cream than in liquid wax.

Basic tools to clean and wax the splitboard

In order to apply it correctly, you first need to clean the base, but clean it thoroughly, not just outside. In order to clean the base inside, you need to use a specific solvent. After letting it soak for a few minutes, you remove the solvent from the base, thus bringing the dirt out (old wax, grease, dust, etc) from the intermolecular micro spaces of the board’s surface.

Most cold waxes have an applicator to extend the wax on the surface of the base. It is not necessary to apply a big amount; you can always add some more in case you need it. Then, you rub the surface with a cork, applying pressure, alternating moves in two directions: from tip to tail and vice versa, spreading the wax on the whole surface, until it’s no longer visible. After that, you brush the base using a soft nylon brush, from tip to tail. You will see how small particles of wax come out, pushed through the brush’s hairs. You should brush until you can no longer remove any more wax.

As a final test, let a water drop slip on the base; if it flattens or becomes spherical, and it stretches out when you make it roll, it means there’s still some wax on the surface. You should keep brushing, until the water drop is round, rolling on the surface without breaking.

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Applying wax and spreading with cork

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