Safety, A safe ascent

“Keeping in mind that most of the time spent on a splitboard is on the way up, it is especially important to take care of all the security measures needed during the ascent.”

When hiking up on your splitboard, your priority must be the security afforded by finding a comfortable, safe route to the summit. During your splitboard journey, it is strongly recommended to designate a leader for your group. This person will be responsible for choosing the route which the group will take. The pace should be adapted to suite the abilities of the weakest and/or most inexperienced member of the group.
During the ascent, you should pay special attention to the areas with more exposure and unstable snow zones such as wind slabs (under the cornices or cliffs) and convexity zones (where the snow I has less compressive support and where avalanches are more likely to be triggered). You should also take into account the avalanche conditions forecast in order to make informed decisions. To travel through these dangerous areas, the group leader must decide when to proceed, keeping in mind that you must always avoid having two people on the dangerous area at once. Having two meeting points, both before and after the dangerous area, is essential. These meeting spots should be comfortable and safe enough that you can rest. Moreover, these spots must have a good point of view for assessing the slope, letting all of the splitboarders see the next person who is hiking up.
This procedure will make your journey a bit longer, so keep in mind that the snow and meteorological conditions must be revised during the trip, especially during the springtime. Sometimes you may encounter other groups hiking or riding the same face of the mountain. You must constantly check their position to reduce the possibility of being buried by an avalanche that they may trigger above you. So, once again, waiting before crossing a dangerous slope is the best option. Once you are ready to descend, it is imperative to be sure that nobody is on the slope below you!