UIAGM Mountain guide & Tavascan Ski School Manager

1. Splitboard / length / stance:
Poacher RENU164 cm and 58cm Stance

2. Touring / Freeride / Mountain freestyle :
Touring and Freeride

3. With more people / By yourself:
By myself, in areas I know well. With other people wherever security is crucial.

4. Hard Boots / Soft  Boots:
Stiff soft boots.

5. Sponsors:

6. Most frequented spot:

7. Most complicated spot:
Los Andes Mountain Range

8. A spot you wish to go:
A challenging spot that is difficult to access.

9. Equipment you use:
Transceiver, shovel and probe, from Pieps

10. Cliffs, open faces:
Cliffs and couloirs that  end up in open faces, so I  can charge once I’m out.

11. Any rituals before  ascending/descending?
When I’m out there,  and certainly when I’m by myself, I pray for  everything to turn out  right, and I give thanks  for being there. I try to  appreciate whatever surrounds me and to be  aware of all the little gifts  Nature provides.