Krkonose The czech giant

According to a legend, in Northern Bohemia, in the mountain range that sits along the border between the Czech Republic and Poland, Krkonose, a white bearded, long haired giant looks after every corner of the biggest mountain region in the Czech Republic – named after him- as a god of the mountains: speaking to animals, nurturing every plant, deciding the meteorology and ultimately balancing human life with Nature’s energy.

Our village, Pec pod Snezkou, sits atthe foothill of Krkonose’s rest place. Pec is a small village of 600 people, three hours drive from the beautiful and picturesque Prague. Every winter, it becomes the meeting point between Krkonose and skiers, Czech and foreign, as it hosts a ski resort with 11 kilometres of slopes. Many of you resort users must be thinking 11kms of slopes is not a hell of a lot…This might be the case for those who only enjoy riding on slopes, but actually, thanks to its location in the valley, Pec offers excellent backcountry possibilities, with easy access that allows you to enjoy pristine out-of-bounds snow.

Krakonos the giant, keeps an eye on the whole valley from the highest peak in the range, Snezka (1602m), the mountain which marks the border between my country and Poland, the highest mountain on the Czech Republic. There’s a chairlift that runs from Pec pod Snezkou to the summit, and since it started operating in 1949, it hasn’t stop taking up and down those who are interested in visiting Snezka (and meanwhile trying to find the bearded old giant).

“Pec offers excellent backcountry possibilities, with easy access that allows you to enjoy pristine out-of-bounds snow”

Picture taken with my old Russian camera. Three expositions. Krkonose

We have discovered something completely new, places that I have never been before. Photo: Mira Kube

Picture taken with my old Russian camera. Three expositions. Krkonose

Pictures taken with my old Russian camera with three expositions before reaching the summit. Photo: Mira Kube

I’m not sure if I have correctly described the place where Krakonos lives, but that’s what Pec pod Snezkou and its mountains are, the place where we live, where every year, everybody in town urges to welcome winter. It usually lasts for 4 months; from mid December until mid April, approximately. This year, Krakonos made us feel really lucky, as he blessed us with some outstanding winter months, with non-stop dumps right from the beginning. This was one of the reasons why, having shredded all ridable lines all over the vastness of the tearrain accessible through the resort, one night, after enjoying a few beers –of a brand also named after the giant guardian- we came up with the idea of descending the Snezka, and whynot, showing the wise Krakonos what splitboarding is all about.

“This year, Krakonos made us feel really lucky, as he blessed us with some outstanding winter months, with non-stop dumps right from the beginning”

Krkonose. Splitboard magazine

Coming back after an epic day. Photo: Mira Kube