ISPO Munich

What ’s new 2011-2012 season. was at the ISPO in Munich to see the innovations that were presented for the 2011-2012 season. It looks like next season will be the year of splitboarding, as many important brands in the snowboard market are offering splitboards in their collections, offering a wide variety for consumers.

Jones snowboards, who seem to lead the revolution, add three more models to their collection: Solution L-Series, which is the women’s model of the brand, Mountain Twin Split, an allround twin snowboard and Hovercraft Split, with exceptional floatability, the perfect board for powder days. In addition to the already acclaimed The Solution, we find that the brand of the freeride legend Jeremy Jones offers a full range of their snowboards in a splitboard version.

Atomic continues with its Poacher model, with some improvements in the binding’s highbacks, while sticking to their own system, with all the essentials you need in one piece.

LTB Snowboards, who recently celebrated their 25 year anniversary, offer two splitboards, Supreme Split and Classic Split, with special wood finishes for their anniversary celebration. At this point it has not established itself as a well know brand in Spain, but it deserves an special attention.

K2 joins the market with the splitboard Panoramic. With a very attractive design, tailormade skins and a new fastening system that secures the skin on nose and tail. All Terrain rocker technology for a more comfortable riding in deep snow, and its Bambooyah construction, the american brand enters with ambition. All this in different sizes to fit the widest range of people. In addition, K2 has developed a safety kit that accompanies your splitboard with everything necessary for a good splitboarding day.

Völkl is another of the major brands entering the splitboarding market. Their offer is the Cashew model, with some interesting details, such as tightening of the climbing skins via holes, and also inserts on the Voile anchorage system in order to reduce holes in the sole, and additionally reduces the plastic materials in the manufacture of their splitboard.

Never Summer has expanded its range offering apart from the well known Summit Split, the freeride model, the SL Split, a splitboard designed for backcountry freestyle, with rocker / camber construction, and the best materials from brand from Denver , Colorado.

Rome snowboards surprises us with their splitboard Whiteroom, with a clean and simple design, and a rocker construction in the nose so it never sinks, even in the deepest days, and traditional camber construction in the rest of the board to gain reactivity and precision, this board will become the favorite board for many.

Spark & RandD as the first splitboard specific bindings manufacturer, will introduce a new model next season, expanding the range with a freeride model, the Spark Burner, with a stiffer and more reactive highback, and one in freestyle, along with some changes to their accessories like the lighter LT Pin System, and more Mr Chomps colors, its splitboard specific crampons. Furthermore, in collaboration with the boot brand DEELUXE, they have designed a boot with alpine features and more suited for the splitboarding practice. It incorporates a Vibram sole for perfect grip in rocky terrain, thermoformable liner, and an inner membrane to make it waterproof and fast lacing system.

Lib Technologies and Gnu, which both are part of the Mervin group, each added a splitboard to their collections. The Gnu Billy Goat and the Lib Tech Travis Rice, the two boards with the C2BTX technology which has givensuch good results for the brand, combining a rocker / camber construction, in addition to magnetraction for better grip on hard snow.

Burton, who for many years has had a splitboard in its collection, renews itself this season and makes the Freebird, replacing the S-series. Available since the middle of this season, it incorporates S-rocker and a shape designed to
give maximum powder flotability.

Voile, who did not attend to this year’s ISPO, re-launches its swallowtail, this time with sizes varying from 160cm to 190cm. The experience of many years manufacturing splitboards is reflected in this splitboard, apart from cintinuing to offer the RX Mojo. Furthermore, we have to add the constant improvements done in splitboard equipment. As well as its own biding Light Rail, splitboard specific and a safety release system in case of avalanche.

Venture, a brand that is located in a small workshop in Silverton, Colorado, and that works on 100% wind-powered, could neither attendto ISPO, but we know that they have added another splitboard to their quite powerful line, called Odin, Viking god`s name for the Johan Olofsson’s pro-model. The board is characterized for having a stiffer flex, and a longer nose, which along with its rocker construction makes the perfect behavior in deep snow.

Other brands such as the Canadian Prior or Winterstick also offer some splitboards in their collections, but they did not attend to ISPO so we could not talk to them to see what they offer for the next season.