Ispo 2012

ispo cabecera

ISPO, the yearly trade show held in Munich, Germany, is the European reference for the winter sports and outdoor markets, and of course for splitboarding. It’s the place to see and touch next season’s gear in a huge show of endless pavilions. Here is a bite of all splitboarding related equipment that we saw.


Arbor snowboard. ISPO 2012

The californian brand -truly environmental conscious since its origins- has added a splitboard to next years collection. The Abacus has a setback parabolic rocker, adding grip, which means it is more effective while skinning up. Also, to make up for the rocker inconveniences they have added Grip-Tech: two contact points on each edge where the bindings are, to add grip on hard snow. The Abacus includes Karakoram clips, and it is available in several lengths, to suit most riders.


Karakoram. ISPO 2012

The brand created by twin brothers Bruce and Tyler Kloster is growing steadily, and we hear nothing but compliments about it. They have upgraded their Split 30 binding -800 g- for next season, and they still offer the SL, 695 g per binding, with improved straps and highback. New for next season is the limited edition Prime, one of the most minimalist bindings in the market, with an amazing 575 grams per binding, but all the support you need. Also new for the 20012/13 season is the possibility to fix the binding’s heel to the splitboard, allowing you to ski at certain areas with improved stability and control.

Jones Snowboards

Jones ISPO 2012

Jeremy Jones, the legendary freerider and creator of Jones Snowboards, is set to lead the market and make his brand grow. New for next season is the Solution Carbon, a carbon version of the celebrated The Solution, lighter and more reactive. Also new for next season is its female version, the L-Solution. Another sign that the brand is growing in the right direction is their new technical backpack collection for splitboarders, with all the necessary features and accessories.


Rome ISPO 2012

Rome confirms that splitboarding is not just a temporary hype, increasing their line with two new models. After last season’s excellent results, they pretty much maintain the same directional shaped Whiteroom, and they add the new Double Agent, twin shaped for more freestyle oriented riders. They also come up with a lady’s model, the Powderroom –the Whiteroom’s little sister, to meet the needs of female splitboarders in search of good powder turns.


LTB Snowboards ISPO 2012

With more than 20 years of experience in board production, LTB maintain their two splitboard models for next season: the Supreme and the Classic, solid and resistant, based on experience.


Deeluxe boots ISPO 2012

After the big success of their collaboration boot with Spark R&D, Deeluxe introduces Xavier de le Rue’s pro model boot. Based on the Spark, adding more resistant materials on higher friction areas, and the possibility to use semi-automatic crampons, the Spark XV is a great option for riders who take their splitboard to technical terrain, requiring a boot they can rely on.


K2 snowboards. Ispo 2012

Nothing seems to change on their Panoramic splitboard, which maintains the same design and construction for the new season.


Burton boards. ISPO 2012

One of the splitboard pioneering brands, that obviously wants to be part of the market again. To their existent model, the Freebird, they add the Spliff, a board that will reduce your usual splitboard size in a few centimetres. They’ve also thought about the girls, launching the AntiSocial. All three splitboards are part of The Family Tree, a backcountry and freeride oriented line.


Völkl takes good note of the compliments to its eco- friendly Cashew Split, now available in a new length, 167cm, for riders who search deep snow. They also launch the new minimum bulk trekking poles that you can easily store in your backpack.


This small Czech brands enters the market with two different models for Freeride and Freestyle, respectively. They both include camber, triax carbon/Kevlar construction to add reactivity, resulting in a splitboard that feels like a regular snowboard that you can even ride on the slopes.


lib technologies. ISPO 2012

The Travis Rice model, with C2 Power Banana technology is still the reference splitboard at Lib-Technologies. Using the best materials, this splitboard includes Karakoram clips, resulting in one of the best splitboards in the market.


Gnu boards. ISPO 2012

Gnu keep their Billy Goat model, including Magne- Traction, Karakoram clips, and the praised C2 Banana technology. Also new for next season is a women’s splitboard, the B-Pro split, with the same technology as its male counterpart and a twin shape.

Never Summer

As in former years, they keep their two models: the Summit, freeride oriented, and the SL, more freestyle oriented. They both result from an exhaustive production process at their factory in Denver, Colorado, and include their patented and successful Rocker&Camber technology.


The girl’s brand within the Mervin group, launches a splitboard for next season, the Banana Smoothie EC2 split, true twin shape, EC2 technology and Karakoram clips.


The brand based in Bozeman, Montana, shocks the market once again next season, with their new assembling system called Edison. This revolutionary system, allows you to change to ski mode just by easily lifting a flange, saving you a lot of time, granting a perfect support. It also allows you to use the same bindings on your snowboard. Besides, they still produce their Blaze (734 g) and Burner (797 g) bindings, with some slight changes aimed to improve in weight, comfort and durability.