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¡Viva the splitboard revolution!


According to Wikipedia, a Revolution is a fundamental change that takes place in a relatively short period of time.

Wake up and get out to the mountains with your splitboards, the revolution has begun and you should be part of it. In the past it was tough, and only a few people were able to withstand the cruelty of carrying their snowboard on their backs to ride the summits with a huge struggle. Long gone are those days that will never return.

Travel along distant mountains riding the well deserved powder, camp in the wilderness and leave your signature in the white gold so the sun king knows that the revolution has begun.

We don’t want to be rich, nor to conquer any territory, our revolution is from the inside, and only one word can unite what most have tried to separate, splitboard.

This is our last issue of the season, which features even more interesting articles from our friends who have shared their depth of knowledge with us.

At ISPO Munich we understood that the revolution from the brands is a reality, and 2014 comes at us stock full of brand new splitboard models.

How does an avalanche transceiver work? Are you sure you know how to use it?

Two great riders tell us their point of view about splitboarding, Liz Daley, who we visited in Chamonix and Mitch Tölderer, who we interviewed in Munich.

It seems that splitboarding is a quite new sport in Europe but if you want to know the real history you can’t miss the interview with Simon Graf, by Joerg Reisinger.

A safety article with the work of the fireman Iván Muñoz and Erco, his rescue dog who is specialized in avalanches.

SplitArt coming from Scott Serfas.

To finish with this issue, the amazing trip to Kyrgzystan, and don’t miss our splitboard test that was held in one of the splitboard paradises of our beloved Pyrenees with five good friends.

We are stoked about this issue, and we think it has been the most difficult to put together so far.

Relax and enjoy this issue, and don’t forget that behind every word and every picture there are a lot of people willing to share their experiences, thanks so much to you all!

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