At Splitboard Magazine we love splitboarding on top of anything else. We love this lifestyle, which implies so much more than just riding a snowboard. It implies the love of Nature, respect, camaraderie, adventure and so much more. These are values that we consider essential to enjoy a fulfilling life.

United we stand. In the small universe of splitboarding, we should all stand united. There is no room for selfishness, we should all paddle in the same direction to push forward this amazing lifestyle that we cherish so much.

All along this season we have gone through some situations that we judge totally unfair. We are not being backed by a big editorial company with hidden interests, and we are far from having a big budget to satisfy anyone’s interests. From the very beginning, Splitboard Magazine has been there for the splitboarding community, and we have remained totally independent when it comes to content and our opinions. We’ll keep opening doors and backing projects, regardless of their size.

We have been fighting for this publication, and for splitboarding in general, 5 years now. It is not easy to support a project such as ours in times of financial crisis, but we’ve made it through thanks to the support of many contributors and friends, who have pitched in even in the harshest moments.

It may sound utopian, but we need to take responsibility of our acts to set the bases of what we want splitboarding to become in the near future. Let’s face it, we have barely entered the growing stage, and we represent a small community within the snowboard sector. Coming into any sort of absurd conflict of interests would be nothing but harmful for our progression.

We strongly believe in the sum of its parts for splitboarding to keep growing in the most healthy and wholesome way. It shouldn’t become a cake, from which we want to have the best portion. From our standpoint, it should remain pure and genuine. We won’t let it be polluted by the behavior of some people who put themselves and the business before the common good: splitboarding.

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SPLITBOARDMAG recommends and encourages all readers and splitboarders to have their mountain sports federation card. This magazine is for information and opinion only, in no case it replaces the education necessary to practice splitboarding safely. Splitboardmag recommends to get out to the backcountry accompanied by a professional mountain guide. The practice of mountain sports carries risks and we advise caution. It is forbidden to reproduce any content posted on splitboardmag without express written consent of the authors or splitboardmag.