The Right Path

Do we really find ourselves where we want to be? Are we following the right direction? Do we want to arrive quickly or would we rather step on a rhythm that grants success?
Where is this path leading us to?

We’ve been asking ourselves this questions for 5 years now, discussing this issues with the staff, trying to understand the reason why some things happen, looking for answers to these complex, and at the same time simple, questions.

We still keep in our memories some of the feedback we gathered during our first ISPO in Munich, where we introduced our project; everything was brand new and most of the feedback was rather pessimistic – it’s a passing trend, they said, looking at us down their noses. Only a few could actually see what was going on, advising us to be patient.

“Don’t worry boys; you’re on the right track, be patient”. They’re the ones who have helped us as much as you can imagine during these years, and they still hang in there.

How could we have guessed that our path would be unrushed but steady, without stops…Taking small steps is really a problem, or is it rather an unmistakable proof of good work?

We definitely like to go step by step; we’re unhurried because we aim to go far.

Splitboarding is not a discipline of snowboarding, and it’s definitely not a substitute of mountaineering skiing; it’s a whole new sport, fresh, living, free…and we are the ones who create it, shape it and define it day by day. It’s the solution.

The brands that have backed up splitboarding from the beginning are convinced that we need to be patient, so are we. We will set the pace that suits us best for the sake of splitboarding, taking confident steps, without looking back.

We would like to thank to everyone who’s contributed to this issue for their generosity and trust.

Thanks for being part of this project with us; it’s a long way to the top, but we are most certain that we will make it.

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