Marc Sixto / Riders: Cuca Aranda & David Pujol / Spot: Saboredo, Pyrenees.

Splitboarding has definitely taken off, there’s no doubt of that. Could it be the new trend in snowboarding? Maybe, but from Splitboard Magazine we believe that it’s very important to stay true to our roots and not forget the true meaning of splitboarding and what makes us love it so much; its simplicity. The fact that with only a small backpack and your climbing skins you can venture into the backcountry, get lost for a day, a week, or a month, cross the American Alps in complete autonomy as Kyle Miller and Jason Hummel did, the same way people did mountaineering back in the day.

Less is more; less luxuries but a more genuine way of experiencing nature.

Less is more when it comes to filming snowboard movies. There is no need for helicopters or sleds, it’s possible using only human powered resources to access the most beautiful terrain, as we’ve seen in the innovative movie Steps, where they prove how it’s possible to do an interesting and environmentally friendly snowboard and ski movie.

Former Freeride World Champion Aline Bock spends more and more time on her splitboard as she’s discovered a new way of moving in the mountains; experiencing new lines she never imagined she could reach.

Skylar Holgate enjoys the majority of his days with his feet on a splitboard, no matter if he’s guiding in Silverton Mountain, in his Bonnie Belle cabin in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, or in the southern hemisphere when most people are thinking about summer.

We hear news from some of our friends living on a van and travelling to get the best snow conditions, and using just a splitboard during most of their journeys. No fancy living, just the need to enjoy great moments splitboarding in the backcountry.

When we splitboard we choose to ride less lines per day than we could with a snowmobile or a helicopter, but in the end those lines become of a higher quality, and we are able to enjoy a more rewarding experience.

This is the new issue from Splitboard Magazine, where we love what we do and believe in the true spirit of splitboarding. Less is more.

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