Most of you have seen a snowflake from a short distance, one of those cold grey days. You follow it with your eyes while it falls, letting it land delicately on your glove, as if it were the most precious thing on Earth; you have it, it’s yours; you observe it in silence, almost without breathing. You barely have a few seconds to rejoice yourself and watch its perfect structure. Your glove is the end of its road. It came from far and it won’t last for long ¡get off your butt!That’s how it all starts. The decisions you make between its arrival and its disappearance will determine part of your history on the planet.

The human factor is indeed one of the big issues, which conditions our safety. It is not easy to deal with emotions and taking the right decisions within a group when you are tired, but this with definitely determine what happens out there.

Travis Rice, brought by Elena González de Murillo, told us about his splitboarding experience when we caught up with him after The Art of Flight 3D première at the International Film Festival in San Sebastián. We’ll visit Japan along with three Völkl Snowboards riders, 3 splitboarding experiences with three different mindsets.

Do you know how to use crampons and risers on steep slopes? UIAGM guide David Pujol, tells us about it in this issue; also, some handy tips from Jaume, our skiman, who explains how to wax a board.
Ana Penche, splitboarder and photographer at the Aran Valley, in the Pyrenees, merges her passion and her occupation in her lifestyle; we’ll meet Rory Doyle, an illustrator from Vancouver who has collaborated with Endeavor Snowboards.

This is just a little appetizer of what you’ll find in this issue. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our contributors and a GREAT teamwork.

Big ups to everyone who’s taken part in this project!



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