We would like to dedicate this editorial to all the people who feel inside themselves a force that leads them to undertake missions the majority -sometimes even themselves- find difficult to understand. People who take risks and set up different, new and creative goals for themselves.

People who turn impossible and difficult, into opportunity and success. There are no comfort-zones; just effort and work in search of a reward, which makes them grow personally and professionally. Individual and collective satisfaction beyond what is purely material.

These people deserve to be recognized by their skills and vital energy at long term, rather than by their looks or punctual actions. They are no heroes. They don’t even wish to be the center of attention of their acts. They are more than anything, restless people who need to be in constant movement to stir the air around them and breath deeply.

You may find them at every field of life. If you are lucky to have any of them around you, don’t let them scape; approach them with respect and learn as much as you can from them because their path is lead by nonconformity, enthusiasm and passion.

To all of them, to those who take risks every day to do something they believe in, we dedicate this issue. Because we can relate to them, because we share with them the passion as the driving force of our lives.

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