Season 2016-17


“The only thing that is constant is change”, said Heraclitus.

Those who don’t adapt to changes will slowly be left apart and won’t be able to survive. At Splitboardmag we’re well aware of this, so after a tough season, we used summer to heal ourselves and think about the future. But first, let’s review the past…

Splitboardmag started as splitboard.cat, a local website from our region Catalonia, thus the domain .cat. That was in 2010 and the splitboarding scene started to get more known, in big part thanks to the birth of Jones Snowboards, and people like Spark and Karakoram improving their bindings. Along with splitboarding, Splitboardmag grew, and from the local website only in Spanish and Catalan, it turned into something bigger and bigger, we embraced the most used language worldwide (English) and dropped the .cat domain in order to reach a wider audience. That was a hard change but we felt like we had to do it, for the love of splitboarding.

However, our initial idea of printing the magazine was getting always further and further… therefore the format we were using at that time, issuu, didn’t make sense anymore.

In 2013 we changed the format to a more reader-friendly format, 100% compatible with any smartphone and/or tablet, after realizing that most of the readers were not using a laptop anymore. We still kept the idea of magazine, releasing three issues per season, the first one a catalog, and then two issues full of stories, trips, equipment and passion.

However, not having a big budget has always been hard when it comes to gather articles… deadlines that we kept delaying, content that wasn’t as good as expected, and a lot more of problems that created some tense moments between us and made us forget about why we started splitboardmag: our love for splitboarding and the need to spread the word about it in the right way, far from all the hype created

So in Fall 2016, when the leaves are starting to fall from the trees and the snow is covering the summits of many mountains in the Northern Hemisphere, with some lucky ones even getting some turns in, a new change comes upon us. We will no longer publish content altogether as a magazine, but we’ll publish it on a more regular basis, in order to adapt to today’s needs of having everything right away.

But friends, have no fear. The content will continue priming quality above all, the sections will remain mostly the same, and there will be editorials like this one every once in a while to be able to let our imagination flow.

Having introduced all these changes, some things will remain the same:

-Expect the same quality content, but just more often

-Expect still a catalog to choose among all the splitboards, and the biggest splitboard test in the market.

-Expect the same people: a bunch of splitboarders that got together to bring an independent magazine where all that matters is splitboarding.

Have a great Fall everybody!  and remember that in any given moment a big snowfall will make us march again towards the white element…

See you on the mountain!

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Marc Sixto
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Translation and proof-reading
Elena G. de Murillo

Photo Editorial: Terje Valen Høihjelle


SPLITBOARDMAG recommends and encourages all readers and splitboarders to have their mountain sports federation card. This magazine is for information and opinion only, in no case it replaces the education necessary to practice splitboarding safely. Splitboardmag recommends to get out to the backcountry accompanied by a professional mountain guide. The practice of mountain sports carries risks and we advise caution. It is forbidden to reproduce any content posted on splitboardmag without express written consent of the authors or splitboardmag.