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We’re heading on to the last strokes of 2015-16 season. It’s looking alright, as May, June and even July -depending on which area of the Northern Hemisphere you’re at, the last chapter of the season can still be a good time to score some great splitboarding days that make up for the scarcity of consistent dumps since the first snowfalls in the Fall. It’s been a strange season in Europe: in certain regions, the snow first arrived in February, and the temperature variations thereafter have often been dramatic. On their side, our mates in North America have been luckier than us this year, enjoying record snow dumps this winter after a lousy 14-15 season. A lame season like that is hard for everyone in the snow scene, and mostly for us splitboarders who spend endless time looking out our windows, expecting the long due dump that turns the mountains white, meaning it’s a go for those missions carefully planned for days and even weeks.

Bad seasons particularly test our patience and motivation, our positive attitude and ultimately our sanity. That’s why we think it is crucial to stay strong and encourage everyone around to stay positive. Be the one who sees the bright side of a situation, be the one who makes the most of the smallest snowfall, despite knowing it won’t be enough to ride the line you’ve been planning for so long, and probably you’ll have to say no and turn around; do it. Encourage your group of friends to go out on the mountain and have a good time, after all, that’s what splitboarding is all about, right?

Don’t wait for THE perfect day sitting on your couch; get out there and turn every single day into a perfect day.

See you on the mountain!

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