Eco Splitboard -NZERO Wax-

NZero presents its complete range of 100% organic waxes for snowboarding and other snow sports. From 100% natural, NZero has developed a complete range for waxing cold and hot.

The NZero cold liquid waxes are the first 100% natural waxes applied in a single gesture, cleanly and quickly for skis and snowboards, through practical 100ml sponge applicator for easy application. The NZero waxes have been tested by professional skiing, sliding and ensuring better maintenance of material, extending its life and protecting it as his first day of use.

It is suitable for temperatures between 0° and -30°C and for any type of snow, and ready to apply: cold, anywhere, anytime, at home, in the hotel where you want, with knowing that has no environmental wastes, unlike traditional waxes.

After several months of development and field tests, NZero has developed a complete range of ecological hot solid waxes as well. All waxes are made with 100% natural ingredients. A perfect blend based on extracts of soybeans and corn. No toxic additives. Main objective: a maximum enjoy with a sustainable ride.

Another challenge achieved from Nzero is developing products 100% free of mineral oils, paraffins and other pollutants. Our track on the snow, will mean our environmental commitment. For all professional skiman who spend hours waxing and taking care of skis and boards, Nzero has developed a full range of waxes 0% toxic and less smoke emissions.

More than two years of co-operation with international laboratories, using the newest technologies and innovative natural additives. Result: a new green wax with the best market features.

Protect your splitboard and ensure its optimum performance for the life of the product. Providing the maximum sliding in extreme circumstances, improving your control and complying with the highest requirements of top users.