Eco Splitboard -Gara-

Feeling Wood by GARA

GARA Splitboards is a collective of chaotic independent individuals, connected by pure passion for splitboarding and development of splitboards, no matter who they are or what they do.

Their story started years ago in the mountains of Czech Republic by simple desire to find the ultimate solution for passionate freeride snowboarders.
Based on their experience in construction of splitboards GARA started to build boards with Wood X Carbon technology based on special carbon glass layer reinforced by carbon stringers. By adding the wooden top sheet from Veneer their boards gain the capacity to absorb vibrations and make it ride very smooth.
With manufacture in Prague, Czech Republic they choose suppliers from literally around the corner and all the production is done in house. It helps to control all the production processes from the very beginning, and therefore ensure the highest quality of the finished product. New series of Feeling Wood eco splitboard is aiming to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible by applying natural and more eco­-friendly materials as wooden top sheet, sidewalls and SuperSap sustainable epoxy resins while still improving splitboard performance.

Ota Tyl, CEO and shaper is adding:

“In order to support the sustainability of the project we do our best to produce durable splitboards with exceptional performance that provide long­lasting fun. Secondly we manufacture a reasonable number of boards. It is to say we produce continuously as many boards as we need and sell them under reasonable price. I do not think that policy of producing more in order to lower the production costs and then sell underprice is sustainable at all. We do not want to be part of that. The idea of Feeling Wood series is to build and ride boards made of materials that can be reutilized or easily recycled yet improving the performance of our boards. There is still lot to be done about ecology not only in our community but also in the whole society. The sport we do is very sustainable itself. We try to use splitboarding as tool to motivate others to be more ecological.
When we go splitboarding not only we take our trash down but also we pick all the garbage we find on the mountain. Most important is that we are having fun by doing so, it may motivate others.

In the upcoming season the focus of Gara Splitboards will stay the same, to build versatile splitboards that can tackle any terrain, that perform exceptionally well skinning up as well as charging down the mountain.