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Chimera (kai-meer-ra) Snow|boards are the first dedicated, splitboard-specific company; we don’t build skis, we don’t even build solids unless it’s to prototype our splits. We are a group of engineers, craftsmen and designers based in the Wasatch. For us, splitboarding is not a sport; it’s our way of life. From the core elements such as shape, construction and materials, to the little things like colors and hardware, Chimera has re-examined splitboard design.

Chimera’s core principles: to build a splitboard that rides like a snowboard; to build a splitboard that is designed to tour, as well as shred; and to build a board that will inspire your confidence in the backcountry.

Many splitboards are clones of resort boards. Design, flex and weight considerations are ignored in order to keep manufacturing simple and costs low. Alternatively, while DIY splits are an easy, affordable alternative for the occasional splitter, the act of sawing in two a board that was cured under heat and pressure releases tension and irreversibly compromises strength and performance. Splitboard performance must overcome obstacles such as additional weight and construction; it must be designed to handle the varying conditions of the backcountry, not the resort. After years of frustration a group of riders decided the time had come to take splitboard design seriously, and to make the best boards they could; Chimera Snow|boards.

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