Girls! Bibi Pekarek

The Jones Snowboards rider writes four lines about splitboarding from Alaska. Bibi is a role model. After getting over a knee injury following a victory on the Sochi’s FWT, she came back at Verbier’s Nissan X-Trem in 2009. Along with her partner, Mith Tölderer, she is in charge of Surfair, a charity project on Eastern Indonesia.

“What I like about splitboarding up a mountain is that I get a way better feeling for the snowpack. However you should always be aware that you expose yourself to a higher risk as well hiking up a face”

Bibi Pekarek. Close to home in Tirol, taken by Mitch Toelderer

Close to home in Tirol, taken by Mitch Toelderer.

The main reason why I love splitboarding that much is because for me, it combines fun and excitement with enjoying the beauty of nature.

For sure it is fun to ride sidecountry powder next to the ski resort, taking advantage of ski lifts bringing you up to do as many vertical as possible after fresh snowfall. However I also want to head out for new adventure, to places where no lifts will ever take you, sharing a great day with a few friends only. No queuing, no hassle, no tracks but quietness and these magic moments you usually don’t experience in resorts.

To plan on hiking up a certain mountain ncludes for sure some work: You want to find the safest route possible; you should follow the avalanche report every day to understand what is happening out there, even on days you stay home. What I like about splitboarding up a mountain is that I get a way better feeling for the snowpack. However you should always be aware that you expose yourself to a higher risk as well hiking up a face. Sometimes it takes even more courage to take the decision to turn around because the snowpack doesn’t feel right than to just continue approaching the peak.

Bibi Pekarek

Another splitting advantage is that hiking up gives you a lot of time to study the line you want to ride down and it also makes you appreciate your runs a lot more, just feels like deserving them more.

The splitboard was especially a great improvement for women. Before, when I used snowshoes, I was always suffering with the weight of the board on my back. A big plus is also that there are more and more splitboards shaped for female demands, and that will for sure encourage more and more women to hike out to the backcounty.