06 Viva la Revolución

Magazine #06

Viva la Revolución

PHOTO: Marc Sixto / Liz Daley

In this issue you’ll hear from two of the most important freeriders, Austrian Mitch Tölderer and American Liz Daley. Don’t miss out on the new equipment we saw during the ISPO trade show in Munich, a full selection of splitboards for the 2013-14 season.

As usual, we feature our independent 2013-14 splitboard test, the biggest one to be carried out by professional splitboarders, as well as a very interesting article about the importance of dogs in avalanche rescue, by fireman Iván Muñoz.

¿Does Kyrgyzstan sound exotic? Discover that it is also a splitboard destination thanks to Ryan Koupal, from 40 Tribes Backcountry. In addition, the Split-Art section with Scott Serfas, Eco-splitboard, Safety and Product Files to round-up this issue. The splitboard revolution is here, and you cannot miss it!

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