04 Always Searching

Always searching is probably our most ambitious issue so far. It reflects our restless search for the best conditions, for new terrain and new experiences. To reflect that feeling we went to visit Xavier De Le Rue, freeriding legend, to his place in the French Pyrenees. We had a great time and discovered really interesting thoughts about splitboarding, mountains and freeriding. We are very proud to have a Pyrenean ambassador like him.

The first and biggest splitboard test in the market was organized in Tavascan, a real splitboard paradise in the Pyrenees, with a bunch of splitboard guides and friends. Our trip to Munich allowed us to meet more splitboarders and show our project to the world, not mentioning bringing you the news about what will be in the shelves next season. The splitboard revolution is here, many brands feature at least a splitboard in their line-up.

Meet the splitboarder community from New Zealand, a country to be discovered yet, and get to know Bibi Pekarek, hardcore splitboarder from Austria, and Mitch Tölderer’s wife.

To round up this issue, Jason Hummel, based in the Cascade Range in Washington state, US, shows us his work and how he feels about being outdoors.