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Splitboardmag is born!

The first magazine dedicated entirely to splitboarding is now online.

First demo issue, find out what we are capable of. Risk and danger in the mountains by snow science specialist Nacho Olmedo. Trip report to Lariste, in the Pyrenees. We interview the developer of the first ever splitboard specific binding: Will Ritter, from Spark R&D. Learn also how to keep your splitboard and your climbing skins in good condition. Xabi Izquierdo will tell you what is necessary when going one day into the backcountry, and you will learn how important it is the transceiver, shovel and probe.

*Only available in spanish

  • TARO TAMAI the snowsurfer

    Taro Tamai, Patagonia ambassador, is not only the most iconic Japanese freerider, he is also the founder of Gemtenstick snowboards and the father of snow surf culture.

    The first week of February I joined 40 Tribes Backcountry for their annual splitboard fest on the Tian-Shan mountains…
  • DARE – In Iceland.

    The two snowboard professionals Aline Bock/GER and Anne-Flore Marxer/SUI are on their way to Iceland…
  • Surfers: we want you back

    We are almost halfway April, which means we are entering prime splitboarding season. Long days, stable snowpack and warmer temperatures call for big missions in the [...]

    ATESMAPS is a web-app that concentrates all the necessary information to optimise the preparation of activities in potential avalanche terrain: ATES terrain classification mapping, condition evaluator [...]
  • Spring Essentials

    Spring is here and with it comes the warm and sunny days in the mountains. While Spring is prime time for splitboarding, the equipment that we [...]
  • Encuentro Pieles

    Encuentro de Pieles is a women´s splitboard and ski touring gathering in the Andes.

    While most of us are still dreaming of the winter that’s about to arrive, Mike Wigley travels around the world in search of the endless winter.

    Connections Film is a 3-year mountain-based documentary film, that aims to explore the connection we hold with the surroundings in which we explore.

    Over the past years, Georgia has become one of the main access gates to the Caucasus range.

    Aran Valley, November 8th 2017, it’s dumping outside…
  • Splitboard test 2018

    The first magazine dedicated entirely to splitboarding is now online. First demo issue, find out what we are capable of. Risk and danger in…
  • Higher Latitude

    a splitboard video project in Northern Norway
  • Editorial

    Editorial. Summer Update: Ups and downs, bust mostly ups

    Spring is that time of year to think big. At the beginning of May, we joined our friend and local rider Aurelien Routens…
  • Tracing Snow

    “The kind of place where the way a traveler‘s tracks disappear in snow is something you get used to – such a place is the world of ours.“ – Princess Shikishi
  • Interview- Stone Snowboards

    How cool is spltboarding in the Pyrenees! The weather is often good we have vast terrain to explore, we can go out just with a group of friends and charge our way down the mountain, jump cliffs; in short, have the time of our lives.
  • GIRLS! Daniela Hochmuth

    “Gris die, einen schönen Tag! First of all, let me introduce myself! My name is Daniela Hochmuth, I am 27 years old and based in Innsbruck, in the heart of the Austrian Alps.
  • Interview – Joey Vosburgh

    It may all sound as a fairy tale or a scene from Hollywood movie about unknown splitboarders from Europe who traveled to America for the trip of their life times and met a legend of our beloved sport.
  • AD Spark R&D

    spark ad
    Spark R&D. Based out of Bozeman, MT Spark R&D is rider owned and operated, dedicated to pushing innovation in the sport of splitboarding, since 2005.