The Search Series is Rip Curl’s commitment to a manufacture a high quality and durable product, without compromising sustainability, and aimed at minimizing the impact on the environment. Manufactured with a selection of 100% recycled materials with a low environmental cost, it is the best possible choice for the rider committed to the environment. In addition, from this season, Rip Curl offers the possibility of renting your outerwear kit with a clear purpose of responsible consumption and sustainable approach

1. What is Rip Curl’s philosophy towards preserving the environment?

As an outdoor brand, Rip Curl wants to preserve its playground. Since the beginning Rip Curlchas a strong determination to be environmentally responsible and to encourage its crew tocparticipate in achieving this. Everybody needs to feel responsible of preserving our environment. As a brand made by surfers for surfers we are all passionate and we all feel close to our environment. Big brand need to lead the change. However we don’t want to claim that we are eco-friendly and sustainable if we are not a 100%. Preserving the environment is not about claiming everywhere, it’s about real change in our way of consuming.

2. Is there a policy for the brand to minimize, reduce or compensate carbon emissions?

Yes for sure! We are always looking for policies in order to compensate or reduce our carbon emissions.

  • We have developed a 100% recycled line of mountainwear – the “Rip Curl Search Series” – to deliver a sustainable and durable alternative.
  • We are working with scientists in varied organizations on a more environmentally sustainable way of manufacturing wetsuits.
  • We are reducing the individual packaging requirements surrounding our products.
  • We are eradicating the use of plastic bags in our retail network and intend to be 100% plastic free.

These are only few policies among others. And we keep on finding different ways to reduce our footprint.

3. Regarding with production, is the energy used by the brand generated from renewable resources such as wind or solar energy?

I guess to become ecofriendly you first need to be aware of the extent of your carbon Footprint. We made a full report before and after we launched our recycled line of moutain wear. The first report gave us many details about the textiles we were using that were not sustainable, about the new label we could use.

We start the change with the Search series line, which is Bluesign certified, PFC free and which is using recycled materials. The second report show us that we reduce by 43% our footprint per jacket produced (numbers from 16/17 range).To be as much eco-friendly as possible, you need to be patient. You can’t change everything in one day. Start knowing your weakness in eco-friendly conception, then change it one by one.

4. We believe that the outdoor industry should be leading and being an example in environmental friendly products.

I guess as a surf brand, Rip Curl has always been aware of its own environment. But it’s always hard to really start the change. I will speak about Rip Curl European politic which I guess really starts with the Foundation Rip Curl Planet in 2006. We teamed up with WWW in order to finance sustainable projects. We had common goals and projects with Mountain Riders, Riders for Refugees and POW.

5. From this year, you offer rental outerwear. Which are the main benefits?

True. This year we start the rental program for our mountainwear line. It’s a pretty new concept to be able to rent your mountainwear outfit. We truly believe in this project which is for us, full of benefits:

• Clean, performant and modern outwear
• Lighter luggage
• Reasoned consumption, respectful about the environment
• Sustainable approach (less production, more use)
• Return on investment
• Adapts to the new modes of consumption: use rather than possess

The main idea is to stop overconsumption. If you go skiing only once a year, you don’t really need your own jacket.

January 12, 2019

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The Search Series is Rip Curl’s commitment to a manufacture a high quality and durable product...
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