Alaska: Searching for spines

serching the spines splitboarding

Our goal was to ride the dreamy spine lines you see in ski and snowboard-movies from Alaska, but without the chopper. It turned out to be a gnarly project when i think of the approaches we endured, the faces we climbed and the weather we met. It was was hard, but possible and rewarding.

My name is Lars Andreas Nilssen. I´m a twenty year old snowboarder from Tromsø, Norway. I started snowboarding when i was eight years old and i´ve been having fun every season since then. I first tried splitboarding in Chamonix, France, last season. It has taken me much further than i would have imagined. I´ve never done any heliskiing, mostly because it´s too expensive, but also because i´m satisfied with the tool that i have, my splitboard! Thanks to the good idea of splitting a board for ski touring i´m now able to ascend mountains much faster than before.

I can finally do bigger missions, ride mountains that i´ve been looking at from my classroom window with the thought of never being able to get there. That change of mindset and attitude made me travel to Alaska with my buddy Nikolai Schirmer (skier).

Nikolai Schirmer is not only a good skier, he is a brilliant movie maker. Enjoy his work through the series “Searching for Spines”.

Episode One:

Episode Two:

Episode Three: 

Episode Four: 

With an introduction by Geoffrey Gamble; our two spinesearchers finally get the goods as they ski the lines of their lives during the last few weeks of their 2013 adventure in Southcentral Alaska.

Music by: Glass Candy / Foxygen

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