Berne Switzerland, 15.04.2014

airtrader crowdfunding

Airtrader Ltd liab. Co is a young Swiss start-up company that’s developing a new technology that allows you to breathe under the snow if buried in an avalanche. This potentially groundbreaking new avalanche safety product needs your support! Until May 12th 2014 a crowdfunding campaign is run on the crowdfunding platform in order to finance the prototyping of this innovative life-saving technology.
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Tom roos – inventor and founder

My name is Tom Roos from Switzerland and I love the mountains, snow and freeriding! As a kid I started skateboarding, when I was hurt I spent time at home building robots and experimenting in the technical world, then grew older and discovered surfing waves in the ocean and finally fell deeply in love with freeriding in the mountains.

If one falls in love with mountains and the backcountry also a natural compassion for the mountains and their voice – the avalanches – arises. After graduating from University we had a monster-dump winter here in Switzerland and I woke up from a dream in which I had a very clear and detailled vision how to revolutionize avalanche safety; The idea for the airtrader was born! I spent two years researching and developing, founding and inventing the airtrader. My motivation is to revolutionize avalanche safety and I am fully committed to do so – that is why I am even selling my last belongings – like for example my old bug, a red Volkswagen Beetle from 1969 – in order to finance the start-up airtrader!

The crowdfunding campaign means a lot to me and I am very excited to see the resonance of the freeriding community – together we can make the backcountry a safer place for all of us and if you crowdfund you help saving lifes and make backcountry travels safer! Due to pending patent processes we can not tell you too much about how the airtrader works and looks like – you just gonna trust us that the system is revolutionizing avalanche safety, is not heavy at all, is very easy to handle, for sure will provide enough air to breathe even in extreme situations for a minimum of two hours and will not disturb while you’re riding! And for sure you won’t gonna loose the airtrader in an avalanche, because the airtrader is not a ‘keep-a-hose-in-your-mouth-thing’. The airtrader will be available for riders with or without a helmet and there is no problem to travel on an airplane with it.

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