9th Climb the Mountain

Splitboard climb mountain

Fun race and test event for ALL mountaineers
15.3.2014, Silvretta Montafon/A

Whether using a splitboard, climbs our touring skis, every one of you mountaineers out there is welcome at the Climb the Mountain fun race. Getting to know other fellow alpinists, testing new products or take part in the competition and support the mountain patrol with your starting fee – the focus of the event on March 15th at Hochjoch in Montafon is the get-together.

And not only the winners get the chance for one of the premium prizes sponsored by the many partnering companies. The first prizes are a Prior splitboard, skis by Powderequipment and a roof top box by Thule.

Snowboarders and skiers will be judged separately, with each the first three ladies and gents getting handed a stone cup. The CTM is being held since 2006 and is well known for the easy atmosphere and the MountainEXPO featuring the latest testing material of the partner companies. Saturday will have its official ending at the Open Face Freeride Village Schruns featuring live music and movies. Starting fee incl. lift pass is 52 EUR/65 CHF. On Sunday a guided tour at Silvretta is planned. Prize for both days, combining race and tour: 90 EUR/130 CHF.

The whole earnings are going to the local mountain patrol Vorarlberg.
Schedule, sign in and all of the prizes can be found on www.climb-the-mountain.com

Being the biggest organizer of splitboard camps in Europe, Splitboards Europe won the tourism award of the district of Vorarlberg in 2007 for their pioneer work. As alpine touring is getting more and more popular for snowboarders and skiers, we want to use the CTM Festival to give back some of our long-term experience in backcountry skiing to the snowboard community. On the other hand we want to sensitize for the dangers of the sport and foster the regardful association of all mountaineers with each other as well as the contact with nature.

 Splitboard fest climb mountain

Splitboards Europe

Organizer of the CTM are Splitboards Europe and boardsportsPR.

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