1st. Czech Splitboard Festival

Czech Splitboard Festival

The winter season 2012/2013 in Czech ski resort Spindleruv Mlyn was closed up by the First Czech Splitboard Festival.

The event took place on Saturday, April 20th, right in Spindleruv Mlyn with a base camp near Harmony hotel. Although the weather was rather unfavorable and the snow conditions, especially in the ,base camp were not ideal, numerous supporters of this non-traditional sport came to be present at this historical occasion. The goal of this reunion was not only for the splitboarders to meet up, but this race was historically the first splitboard competition ever held in the word!
At the meeting there was a chance to try out test Gara splitboards, which were available to competitors as well as spectators throughout the festival.

 Czech Splitboard Festival

16 competitors from all over the Czech Republic gathered at the start. The competing splitboarders set off together from the basecamp and followed the mapped out route. The first steep climb to the Vodárenska cesta, was followed by 2 km long gradual climb leading to the ZUBR restaurant situated on the red piste, where the competitors had to put their splitboards together to go downhill, climb up again and take a slalom course downhill back to the Harmony Hotel.
Everybody seemed to be in a really great mood during that day. The relaxed and pleasant atmosphere was shaped also by a nice music, highly professional staff, bottomless bar, barbecue and funny comments of the festival’s main speaker and organizer Marek Hlisnikovsky.

Despite of the fact the first year of the festival is considered successful, the organizers already have a clear idea of what to improve the next year.


“For us, this year was an imaginary springboard and a fulfilled dream of a historically first splitboard reunion and competition in the world. Next year we will concentrate primarily on the track profile to make it more challenging, interesting and technical,”.

So how did the race end?

There were men and women category.
The best woman on the track was Olina Smetanova, second turned up Jitka Hronešova and the winning trio completes Michaela Klečkova.

In the men’s category Pavel “Pól” Pokorny captured the trophy; second place belongs to Tomáš “Inge” Franz followed tightly by Vlasta Toušek who was surprisingly qualified to race within the “men” category.

For those who were not fully satisfied by the Saturday race, the next day a group slipboard trip took place – a challenging climb out along the Krkonoše Mountains. The core of the slipboard followers took part and all of them agreed that it was worth it so much! The reward was not only the great feeling after the performance but also delightful sunny weather.

Czech Splitboard Festival

“We thank all the participants and splitboard lovers, who came to support us and enjoy the day despite the unpleasant weather conditions and with their good mood helped to create a great atmosphere of the first splitboard Competition ever”.

Special thanks go to the organizers and sponsors, especially to Gara Splitboards, Boardbox and Represent, without whom this event could not have taken place.

Thank you all!!!

1. Pavel “Pól” Pokorný
2. Tomáš “Inge” Franz
3. Vlasta Toušek
1. Olina Smetanová
2. Jitka Hronešová
3. Michaela Klečková

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